Cabin Filter Cleaning
If you feel the air conditioner is not blowing air as before, the cause is dirty cabin filter. Originals filters are expensive and easily clogged. They're made of paper and I don't want to pay US$ 40 every 3 months for a new filter.

To remove the filter open the glove compartment.

Feel the handles with your hands and pull firmly to yourself. I won't breake, don't be afraid :)

There are three small gadgets you need to keep (marked with red). Beware of them not to loose.


Inside the glove compartment, there's the cabin filter box. It has two switches, marked in red, hold them while you're pulling the box. Take out slowly, because it's as dirty as your vacuum cleaner's dust filter.

You can use air gun to clean the filter. As papers are not durable you can do this only a few times, then the filter will be totally useless.

Final solution. Take the filter out for good. I don't use the cabin filter. I reduces air flow by 40% even if it's new. It also makes noise. If you're not smoking, if you're not allergic and if you're living in a city in where the roads are not dusty, filter is useless. Take it away and put the filter box back empty.