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  • 2003 Honda Jazz 1.4 ES with CVT

    By having the biggest interior space of B segment, Honda Jazz is a real family car. It's offering a trunk and real 5 people seating which is more spacious than VW Golf.

    Jazz's interior space is comparable to Civic. According to dimensions info taken from Honda's Japan Site, Jazz has a higher roof and wider rear seats than Civic. Here you can see 3 view comparison pictures.
    CVT transmission has continuosly shifting the gear and providing a very smooth acceleration like a subway train.
    2003 model Jazz has better suspension than previous year models for improving riding quality but 185/55 sport tires on SE model are making those changes ineffective.
    Engine is very silent under 3000 rpm. But with CVT you can make 140 km/h on 3000 rpm. This is where the low consumption of the car comes from.

    Road noise is still a problem. 15 inch alloy rims contributes to noise and hardness of the car.

    CVT mode has a last gear ratio is 0.477 whereas manual mode last ratio is 0.524. On highway driving, car in auto mode is more silent and provides better fuel economy.Manual switch can be used like the overdrive button of conventional ATs to have engine braking.

    Size 185/55 R15 Bridgestone Potenza RE050 H82 on Jazz
    Engine Cubic Size 1339 cc (Referred as 1.4 Lt in Jazz/Europe and 1.3 Lt in Fit/Asia)
    Engine Code L13A
    Compression Rate 10.8
    Named CVT in Jazz, Multiple matic S in Fit/Asia
    CVT Ratios 2.367 highest - 0.407 lowest, 5.777 reduction gear
    Manual Ratios 1st 2.152, 2nd 1.456, 3rd 1.119, 4th 0.884, 5th 0.718, 6th 0.601, 7th 0.524
    Fuel Capacity 42 lt Gross, 35 lt net (7 lt reserve after warning light)
    Please report your Hondajazz hondafit problems and DIY(s) with pictures. Contact Mail

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