Underbody Coating
After door panel processing and tire exchange, I stil feel the car is not lexus-quite. I wanted to try Underbody Coating. This process is used to be protect car's bare metal against rust. Now all car's come with some kind of rusting warranty. So process has been changed to sound-proofing.

All the visible metal of the chassis is covered with tar like rubber stuff. There're also some minerals in it. Exhaust pipes and other hot metals are not applied.


They took all the fenders out and applied the materials inside. Out of the fenders also processed. But the rubber stuff is not sticking well enough to plastic parts.
After processing, you smell a -not so bad- odor for 2-3 weeks but it disappears. I recommend to have it done in cold weather.

Before applying I asked to Honda dealer whether is voids the warranty or not, they said it's ok you can do it. It cost me about US$ 150. There're various brands, cheaper and more expensive, but I liked the professionalism of Ziebart guys. They tried to sell me paint protection too, but I can do it myself with $5 auto polish.