Wind Noise Reduction
I visited Renatul dealer and test drove a 2004 Renault Scenic. Scenic has Authentique and Dynamique models. I noticed the extra door seals on the Dynamique model. I decided to apply the same thing to Jazz.

Jazz is a tall car. If you feel the wind noise is disturbing especially on the highway driving, try this.Most wind noise is entering the cabin from the front seals of door where there is small window.

There are sponge made, thin home door and window insulation tapes where you can find in any hardware store. Apply it to under door seals.

I also processed trunk door.

It reduces the wind noise, but the sponge tape is soaking water if you wash your car with. pressure.  After a few weeks all seals became dirty, loose and useless.

Next time I will try using rubber self sticking seals. They should be stronger that sponge stuff. Like the one on this link