Suspension Header Ring Installation

Suspension Header Ring Installation
Jazz suspension is hard and riding comfort is not so good. Below method provides some comfort for front suspension. Technique is learned from Rinn. Some pictures are taken from his site. 

Just by adding this small rubber ring, riding comfort increases. Small vibrations are not felt as much as previously. I have tried the same thing for the rear suspension but it's not improving the ride quality. Besides  it's causing the shocks to make "thump" sound. The rubber I used was 3 mm think. It can be tried with different thicknesses.


Small plastic rings custom cut from 3mm rubber board.

Outer diameter is 70 mm, inner diameter is 40 mm. If you can't find a rubber board, you can use a rubber mouse pad.



Front suspension header is removed. It's easy to remove but you need one 6mm hexagonal wrench for the inside bolt and one 17 mm normal wrench for the outside. While holding the inside bolt firmly, take out the outer bolt.
Suspension without header.
Original plastic header and the one you cut. 
Put them together. Do not glue, you may use some grease oil to temporarily stick them.
Put the header back on. Do not over tighten. You're ready to go...