Jazz Problems and Visitor Comments
Please feel free to report your Jazz/Fit problems. So we can make a problem database. Pictures along with the problem and possible solutions are also welcome. Mail to hturann@hotmail.com
CVT malfunctions are a common problem in Jazz.

At earlier Honda maintenance manuals, recommended CVT oil was ATF-Z1. The same oil also used in conventional auto transmissions.

But now Honda wants dealers to use CVTF  (CVT Fluid) specially designed for CVT transmissions. I recommend pre 2007 Jazz/Fit owners to get their CVT oils changed ASAP.

Do not wait 80.000 km as indicated at the manual.


The only problem I had so far is the rattles of the wheel. In every turn, those small squeaks are quite disturbing. Seems like some screw is loosened. I'm afraid to open the the wheel because there's airbag in it. It might pop up :) Next time I visit the dealer I'll have it fixed.

I visited dealer , they told the problem is with the loose cables around the wheel column, it's a difficult job to fix, so they advised me to live with that. 

Patrick from Australia. (Sep 06 2004)Hi, Greetings from Australia
Been running a Jazz now since mid July. Here the motor choice is a 1.3 or a 1.5. I'm running a 1.5 with ctv and its proving real fun. Vehicle has had it's 1000km service - good experience. Currently, sound system is playing up...display sometimes will not light up. Then, after 30 minutes or so...back to normal. What else, steering is a little wooden and the tyres could be better.
Tip for new owners...take off Honda wheel trims and replace with after market cheapies..then you don't care when you scrape the kerb.

Adrian Lane From New Zealand (Oct 10 2004)
I have had a Jazz 1.3 manual since Feb 2003. It has covered 62,000km. (I commute about 750km per week.)
I have recorded every cent spent on running the car, and the average fuel consumption for the entire 62,000km has been 5.1litres/100km (or 19.7km/litre, or about 56miles per Imperial gallon.)
I accelerate spiritedly, and drive at the speed limit whenever safe and possible to do so.
Faults - zero. Nothing has gone wrong or needed fixing.
Tyres - It is still running the original delivery set of Yohohama Aspec 175/65HR14 tyres.
These cars are only really driven by grandmothers here in New Zealand, but I'm a 40 year-old engineer who loves the engineering design of the car, and the really, really low running costs.
  Dave Edmonds from New Zealand ( Nov 14 2007)

Hi Dave from New Zealand. We purchased a brand new Jazz 1.3 CVt in nov 2002. Just passed its 5 year anniversary and has just had 120.000 km service. 120 thousand kays and the only thing that has been done to the car is tyres and engine oil changes and oil filters(every 10.000 km) at our honda dealer. Spark plugs and valve clearances have been done at this last 120000 km service. the service department said the spark plugs could have done another 10000 km . This is my wife car and she dosen't pamper it and average fuel consumption is 17km/l or 48mpg. Usually 3 to 4 people in car with aircon on.It amazes me that it is still on its original brake pads.No problems what so ever with car, no squeaks or rattles. We did fit optional alloy wheels 14" at time of purchase.
I highly recommend these cars.

  Michael Asuncion from Philippines (Sep 10 2006)
Mine is 1.3 Honda Jazz CVT @ 38,000+ kms since February 2005. So far no problem and im enjoying my jazz, very efficient and easy to drive even on narrow streets. In fact here in the Philippines the Jazz is considered as the benchmark in fuel economy.
Last February 2006 i joined the Honda-Petron Eco Fuel Runs and ended up my a magnificent 37.14 km/lit consumptions thus my name and my jazz featured in several newspapers and magazines here.
And heres another one.. considered to be my lucky car. im am selected from hundred of applicant to challenge the present record holder of Petron Xtra Mile Challenge's 1,114 kms on a full tank of 1.3 Jazz manual. after a long long run i ended up 2nd placer w/ a figure of 1,390 kms in a full tank averaging 33 km/liter.
(check our site https://www.petronfuelsuccess.com)

Looking for another event to test my GD.
Mike Hawke from Johannesburg, South Africa (Oct 25 2004)
8500 km since April 04. No mechanical problems. Fuel consumption overall 6.9 l/100km mainly city use, about 6.4 on highway (120 km/h) aircon used most of time - altitude 1500 m. Replacement for 1996 Mazda Etude 180 SEA (Mazda 3) which did 10 l/100km.
Very quiet - 175/65 x 14 Yokohama Aspecs.
Due soon for oil change at 10,000 km (is this common in other countries? other cars here mostly 15-20,000 km service interval)
Only problem has been a wing mirror broke off in collision with a plastic rubbish bin. Mounting is fibre reinforced plastic - fixed with Pratley's plastic putty - no visible damage.
Alexander from The Netherlands (Jan 26 2016)

I recently had a small issue with my 2004 Jazz.

I managed to solve it and would like to share it.

So in 2015 i bought a 2004 Jazz with 140.000 km on its counter. It was Fitted with a LPG system, so first thing i checked was if the lpg-installer used the correct Spark plugs. From previous cars i bought i knew this was something they tend to forget. After checking the plugs they were indeed wrong for LPG, and already worn out. I replaced them with LPG specific types, but this is where i made a mistake. When fitting them they are supposed to be tightened with a specific amount of force (torque). Unfortunately i did not have the proper tools at the moment so i used normal tools. They were tightened by guessing the amount of force.

From that moment on i started having trouble with the CVT(or so it seemed) With a warm engine it would stall if i wanted to drive away, and on a hill it wouldn't have enough power. I checked out just about the entire engine and transmission but not the plugs since these were just replaced. Luckily a local store had a discount on a torque wrench so after buying it i tightened the plugs witch the correct amount of force. To my surprise i could tighten them a lot. After this al the CVT troubles i had where gone.

My guess is if the engine power output is to low the CVT wont work as it should and driving it becomes problematic. So if you have problems start with the engine first to see if it is ok.