Front Seat-back Disassembly/Reassembly (L12A/L13A)

Front Seat-back Disassembly/Reassembly

For some models: SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations, and the precautions and procedures in the SRS section before performing repairs or service.


Seat-back Cover

1.Remove the front seat.

2.Remove the headrest.

3.If equipped with side airbag, detach the side airbag connector clip (A) from under the seat cushion. And if equipped with dive down assist, disconnect the slide cable (B). Release the hook springs (C), and remove the wire ties (D), then pull the harness guide (E) back. The left side seat is shown, the right side seat is symmetrical.


4.Remove these items from the front seat, then remove the seat-back, with manual height adjustable, without manual height adjustable:

  • Recline cover
  • Center cover

5.Remove the retainer clip (A), then remove the slide knob (B). Remove the screw and release the hooks (C), then remove the slide knob trim (D).


6.Release the hook (A), and unzip the seat-back cover (B).


7.With side airbag: Fold back the seat-back cover (A), then release the hooks (B) and clips (C). Pull the side airbag harness (D) out through the harness guides (E) and a hole (F) in the seat-back cover.


8.With side airbag: Remove the side airbag, and release the hooks (A) from the airbag module holder (B). Detach the clips (C) by pulling the holder back, then remove it.


9.Pull out the headrest guides (A) while pinching the end of the guides, and remove them.


10.Remove the seat-back cover/pad (A) from the seat-back frame (B). Take care not to tear the pad while removing the outside shoulder portion of it from the slide bracket (C) of the frame (for some models).


11.If equipped, remove the slide cable (A) from the seat-back frame (B).

-1 Release the cable bands (C).
-2 Remove the cable cover (D).
-3 Disconnect the slide cable.


12.Reassemble the seat-back in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • If equipped, make sure the slide cable is connected securely.
  • To prevent wrinkles when installing a seat-back cover, make sure the material is stretched evenly over the pad before securing the hooks and hook springs.
  • Replace any clips you removed with new ones. Install them with commercially available upholstery ring pliers.