DTC Troubleshooting: 51 (Without VSA)

DTC Troubleshooting: 51

DTC 51:  Motor Lock

1.Check the No. 4 (40A) fuse in the under-hood fuse/relay box, and reinstall the fuse if it is OK.

Is the fuse OK?

YES - Go to 2.

NO - Replace the fuse, and recheck.n

2.Disconnect the ABS control unit 25P connector.

3.Measure the voltage between the ABS control unit 25P connector terminal No. 25 and body ground.


Is there battery voltage?

YES - Go to 4.

NO - Repair open in the wire between the No. 4 (40A) fuse and the ABS control unit.n

4.Connect the ABS control unit 25P connector.

5.Clear the DTC.

6.Test-drive the vehicle at 6 mph (10 km/h) or more.

Does the ABS indicator come on, and is DTC 51 indicated?

YES - Replace the  ABS modulator-control unit.n

NO - The system is OK at this time.n