Control Valve Body Replacement (CVT)

Control Valve Body Replacement

1.Remove the air cleaner housing and intake air duct.

2.Disconnect the inhibitor solenoid connector (A) and CVT drive pulley speed sensor connector (B).


3.Disconnect the CVT start clutch pressure control valve connector (A), CVT pulley pressure control valve connector (B) and CVT speed change control valve connector (C).


4.Remove the bolt (D) securing the harness cover (E), pull the harness cover, and remove it from its bracket (F).

5.Remove the battery cable clamps (A) from their brackets (B).


6.Remove the radiator hose from its clamp (C), and remove the radiator hose clamp.

7.Remove the control valve body, and replace it.


8.Install new O-rings (A) on the ATF pipes (B), and install them in the transmission housing.

9.Install the new control valve body (C) over the ATF pipes with the new gasket (D) and dowel pins (E).

10.Install removed parts in the reverse order of removal.