Manual Transmission Installation (5MT)

Manual Transmission Installation

1.Check the two dowel pins are installed in the clutch housing.

2.Apply Urea Grease UM264 (P/N 41211-PY5-305) to the release fork (A) and the release bearing (B). Install the release fork and the release bearing.


3.Place the transmission on the transmission jack, and raise it to the engine level.

4.Install the lower transmission mounting bolts.


5.Install the air cleaner stay.


6.Install the front transmission mount.


7.Install the clutch cover.


8.Install the rear transmission mount bracket (A) and the rear transmission mount (B).


9.Support the sub-frame with a 4 x 4 x 40 in. piece of wood and a jack.


10.Install the front sub-frame (A) and the new front sub-frame mounting bolts (B).


11.Install the three rear transmission mount bracket bolts.


12.Install the two power steering gearbox bracket bolts.


13.Install the two power steering gearbox bracket bolts.


14.Install the two sub-frame stay bolts.


15.Install the driveshafts.

16.Install the heat cover (A) and the bolts (B).

NOTE: Tighten the three bolts in number of the order.


17.Install the ball joints (A), nuts (B) and the new cotter pins (C).

18.Connect the lower arms (D), and install castle nuts (E) and the spring clips (F).

19.Connect the ball joint pins (G) to the stabilizers (H), and install the nuts (I). Insert a 5 mm Allen wrench (J) in the top of the ball joint pins, and tighten the nuts.


20.Install the new spindle nuts (K).

21.Install the splash shield.


22.Install the transmission mount bracket.


23.Install the one upper transmission mounting bolt.


24.Remove the chain hoist and engine hanger from the engine.

25.Connect the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) connector (A), then install the oxygen sensor clip (B).


26.Install the cable bracket (A) and cables (B).


27.Connect the back-up light switch connector (A), then install the harness clips (B).


28.Install the boot (A).


29.Apply Urea Grease UM264 (P/N 41211-PY5-305) to the end of the slave cylinder rod. Install the slave cylinder (B). Take care not to bend the clutch line.

30.Align the reference mark, install the hose to the clip (C).

31.Install the battery tray (A), ground cable (B) and harness clip (C).


32.Install the air cleaner housing.

33.Install the battery. Connect the positive (+) cable first, then the negative (-) cable to the battery.

34.Refill the transmission fluid.

35.Test-drive the vehicle.

36.Check the clutch operation.

37.Check the transmission for noise and smooth operation.

38.Check the front wheel alignment.

39.Enter the anti-theft code for the radio, then enter the customer's radio station presets.