Rear Seat Removal/Installation

Rear Seat Removal/Installation

NOTE: Take care not to scratch the body or tear the seat covers.

1.Pull the rear seat belt buckles and rear center lap seat belt or center shoulder seat belt detachable anchor out through each band on both seat cushions. Then lift both seat cushions up.

2.From bottom of both rear seat-backs (A), release the fasteners (B) in the rear of the carpet (C).


3.Fold both rear seats down, and pull back the front of the spare tire lid (A) to detach the clips (B) from both seat-backs (C).


4.Remove the mounting bolts (D).

5.Remove the right rear seat (A) and the left rear seat (B) through both rear door opening.


6.Install the seats in the reverse order of removal, and replace any damaged clips.