Rear Seat Cushion Disassembly/Reassembly

Rear Seat Cushion Disassembly/Reassembly


1.Remove the rear seat cushion.

2.Remove the screws, remove the foot cover (A) while pulling both pin portions (B) outward.


3.Remove the under cover cap (A).


4.Remove all of the screws and the net set trim (A). Release the edge of the seat-back cover (B) all the way around from the under cover (C).


5.Remove the under cover (A).


6.Release the hook strips (A) of the seat cushion cover (B) from the seat cushion frame (C).


7.Remove the screw (A) and detach the clip (B), then remove the recline cover (C).


8.Separate the seat cushion frame (A) and seat cushion cover/pad (B).


9.Remove the foot pipe (A) from the seat cushion frame (B):

-1 Disconnect the control cable (C). Take care not to bend the cable.
-2 Release the push nut (D), then remove the set pins (E).
-3 Remove the foot pipe, bushings (F) and cable hook (G).
-4 If necessary, remove the spring pins (H).


10.Reinstall the seat cushion in the reverse order of disassembly, and note these items:

  • To prevent wrinkles in the seat cushion cover, stretch the material evenly over the pad.
  • Make sure the control cable is connected securely.
  • Replace the push nuts and spring pins you removed with new ones.