How to Troubleshoot the Navigation System

How to Troubleshoot the Navigation System

General Operation

Refer to the Honda Navigation Systerm Owner's manual for the navigation system operating procedures.

Anti-theft Feature

The navigation system has a coded theft protection circuit. Be sure to get customer's five-digit security code number before;

After service, reconnect power to the navigation unit, and turn the ignition switch ON (II). Enter the five-digit security code.

When replacing the navigation unit, be sure to give the customer the new anti-theft security code.

Symptom Diagnosis

Certain circumstances and system limitations will result in occasional vehicle positioning errors. Some customers may think this indicates a problem with the navigation system when, in fact, the system is normal. Keep the following items in mind when interviewing customers about navigation system symptoms.

Self-Inertial Navigation Limitations

The limitations of the self-inertial portion of the navigation system (the yaw rate sensor and the vehicle speed signal) can cause some discripancies between the vehicle's actual position and the indicated vehicle position (GPS vehicle position). However, if GPS signals cannot be received, you must tune the vehicle position manually.

The following circumstances may cause vehicle positioning errors:

Global Positioning System (GPS) Limitations

The GPS cannot detect the vehicle's position during the following instances:

The accuracy of GPS is reduced during these instances:

LCD Display Unit Limitations

Symptom Duplication

Service Precautions