Driveshafts Removal

Driveshafts Removal

Special Tool Required
Ball joint remover, 28 mm (  07MAC-SL00200)

1.Loosen the wheel nuts slightly.

2.Raise the front of the vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations.

3.Remove the wheel nuts and front wheels.


4.Lift up the locking tab (A) on the spindle nut (B), then remove the nut.

5.If the driveshaft is removed, drain the transmission fluid. Reinstall the drain plug using a new washer:

6.Remove the bolts (A) and heat cover (B).


7.Remove the driveshaft outboard joint from the front wheel hub using a plastic hammer.


8.Remove the cotter pin (A) from the lower arm ball joint castle nut (B), and remove the nut.


9.Separate the ball joint from the lower arm (C) with the special tool.

10.Pull the knuckle outward, and remove the driveshaft outboard joint from the front wheel hub.

11.Pry/tap the inboard joint (A) with a prybar, and remove the driveshaft from the differential case or bearing support as an assembly. Do not pull on the driveshaft (B) because the inboard joint may come apart. Draw the driveshaft straight out to avoid damaging the differential oil seal.

Left driveshaft: 

Right driveshaft: