A very simple adapter for Aux to Stereo Headphone Jack to connect external audio sources like MP3 player or IPod.
  With this adapter you can connect your audio devices to your Honda Jazz's factory head unit.

The back of head unit is like this.

On the left hand side of the bottom view, there's green 6 pin socket. You don't need a special pins to use this socket. Normal PC mainboard pins are good for this.

Pin layout

R1 : Aux Det GND

R2: Aux GND

R3: Aux Right


R5: Aux Left



1. Short R1 and R6 and connect it to your stereo jack's GND.

2. R3 to Right input of stereo jack.

3. R5 to Left  input of stereo jack.

4. Don't connect anything to R2 and R4.


Alternative Connection: Described by Marc Schneider from Germany (01 Oct 2007)

Hi, I own a german 2002 version of the Honda Jazz (GD1), which looks almost similar to yours (same color,...). So I also built the AUX-input and had some problems.
First with your wiring I had absolutely no channel seperation between left and right, different sound levels left and right and terrible sound
quality. As I changed the wiring in that way, that I attached audio ground (stereo jack's ground) to R4 (not R6) everything was fine.
Second it could be easier for some people to connect R1 to ground to enable the AUX-input by using a jumper bridge from a computer between R1 and R2, which also works very good (both R2 and R6 are connected to chassis ground).
And third: the wiring to the headphone jack is drawn not very well. As the left channel is connected to the tip of the jack it would be better
to exchange the red and the green line on the jack, because the tip is connected to the middle connector on a real world jack.
A further addition could be, thet the pitch of the pins in the green connector is 2.54mm so that the female version of pin headers (six in a row) fit very well and you don't need single PC mainboard pins.


Lars Heineken from Germany has created following scheme from Marc's advice. Thanks to his great work. (23 Dec 2008)

First you need to remove the head unit.

There are total of 3 screws to remove.

  Gently (or Hardly) pull the head unit. This is the most difficult part. You should find a way around, can not describe here.


  Look at the rear of the head unit. There's a green socket on the right side.

  Insert your pins as indicated.

  Connect stereo head jack.


  I hide the new cable in the glove box.

  To use your new adapter. Connect your MP3 player to stereo jack and press CD-AUX button on your head unit twice. Enjoy!